Y81 hydraulic scrap metal baler machine

Due to the limited and non-renewable mineral resources, with the continuous development of human beings, these resources are constantly reduced, resource shortage is bound to become a situation that human beings need to directly face. The phenomenon of old and new replacement in the use of metal products is inevitable. Due to the corrosion, damage and natural elimination of metal products, a large number of scrap metal is produced every year. If these waste metals are discarded at will, both environmental pollution and a waste of limited metal resources will be caused. It plays an absolutely important role in metal recovery, regeneration smelting, scrap metal transportation and dismantling industries.
Hydraulic pressing machine is for all kinds of metal materials pressing block packaging work application. The material is placed in the material box, and the hydraulic cylinder works under pressure to compress and form the material into various metal packages. Run the hydraulic packer without load, start the motor oil pump, the valve core of the reversing valve is located in the middle, and the oil output of the oil pump returns to the oil cylinder through the electro-hydraulic reversing valve under pressure regulated by the relief valve. Second is the hydraulic packing action, when the oil pump works, the output of the oil pump enters through the regulating valve under the adjustment pressure through the reversing valve, the piston rod slowly drops after the main cylinder cavity, and the oil in front of the cylinder. The oil tank is received from the oil tank through the reversing valve, and the packing machine realizes the filling function; The metal hydraulic packer is reset, the oil pump works, the oil pump output is transferred to the front chamber of the main cylinder under regulated pressure, the oil returns to the tank and packing case at the back of the cylinder, and the oil returns.
Application: Y81 series metal baler can squeeze all kinds of metal wastes (scraps, shavings, scrap steel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap stainless steel, scrap automobile, etc.) into cuboid, octagonal shape, cylinder and other qualified charge of that shape, which can reduce transportation and smelting cost and improve the speed of furnace casting. This series of balers are mainly used in steel mills, recycling industry, as well as nonferrous and ferrous metal metallurgy industry.
Product features:
1. All hydraulic drive, can choose manual operation or PLC automatic control operation;
2. The way of package delivery includes turning over the package, side pushing the package, front pushing the package, manual taking the package, etc.;
3. A variety of models to choose from: different pressure, box size, package size shape;
4. Where there is no power supply, it can be powered by diesel engine.

Post time: Sep-13-2021