Model No: Chinese Manufacture Automatic Control SPJ Series metal shredder machine

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Metal shredder machine can handle all kinds of metal products, such as iron, cans, paint bucket and other metal products, our company prepared raw materials can be tested for customers

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More than 25+ years of production experience, providing customized more than 3000+ sets scrap metal recycling schemes.


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Production detail:

Metal shredder machine is a multi-functional, versatile machine, the use of standardized modular design, parts interchangeability is good, auxiliary knife to adopt die forging refined from. The main purpose of the metal shredder machine is to shearing and extruding the large metal material and the large diameter drum metal material which is not convenient for transportation, and shred it into the required sheet material to increase its accumulation density for easy transportation and recycling. Beautiful appearance, elegant structure, precise and compact. The appearance of large metal shredder machine not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also expands the scope of application.

Metal shredder machine is mainly used for crushing scrap metal, increase its bulk density in order to facilitate transportation, recycling. Metal shredder machine is widely used in shredding paint bucket, diesel bucket, thin iron sheet, automobile shell, metal pressing block, sheet metal scraps and other scrap metal materials. Metal shredder machine blade is made of high strength alloy steel, with strong wear resistance and high strength...



Thick moving knife, high crushing efficiency, tools are made of alloy steel casting, firm and long service life.
●Frame plate thickness, can resist high torque, very strong.
●Microcomputer (PLC) automatic control, set up start, stop, reverse and overload automatic reverse control functions.
●Our metal shredder machine has the characteristics of low speed, large torque, low noise, dust can reach the environmental protection standard.
●Easy to adjust, low maintenance cost, economic and durable.
●The thickness of the tool and the number of knife claws can be changed according to different materials


Working principle of metal shredder machine:

Material through the feeding system into the shredding machine inside the box, metal shredder machine box bearing a shredding blade, material after shredding blade tearing, extrusion, shear and other comprehensive action, shredded into small pieces of material to meet the requirements, from the lower part of the box. The emergence of metal shredder machine not only solves the large area of material stacking through processing metal shredder machine is also easy to transport and recycling. In the whole process, the most important is the cutter head and motor, metal shredder machine to tear metal materials, cutter head hardness, wear resistance requirements are particularly high, if not up to the requirements will lead to the damage of metal shredder machine.



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2.Control button
Our metal shredder machine has automatic control, it is more convenient for operating, simple maintenance.

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1.Metal Shredder machine blade
We can custom  the metal shredder machine blade for you about the raw material of this metal shredder machine.

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3. All-in-one machine
Our small all-in one metal shredder machine has special design, it cover small area, it has Safety and Convenience Features.


Model Blade diameter(mm) Chamber size(mm) capacity(kg/h) Power(kw) Machine size(mm) Weight(kg)
SPJ-600 260 600*550 300-500 15 1800*1300*1700 2850
SPJ-800 300 800*600 500-800 37 2800*1800*2100 4200
SPJ-1000 350 1000*700 800-1500 45 2800*2000*2100 6500
SPJ-1200 400 1200*900 1500-2500 55 2800*2500*2100 7800
SPJ-1400 450 1400*900 2500-4000 75 2800*2800*2100 9600
SPJ-1600 500 1600*1000 4000-6000 90 3000*2800*2100 12500


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Our SPJ Series metal shredder machine provide custom famous brand machine parts, we have been cooperating with many world-famous brand supplier, like SIEMENS, NOK OMRON, SCHNEIDER, CHINT, MITSUBISHI and so on for more than 10 years



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We will use wrapped film packaging or wooden packaging to protect our SPJ Series metal shredder machine, we will make good protection for our SPJ Series metal shredder machine before loading container.

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Watch scrap metal shredder Machine in Action!

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