The influence of oil temperature on the working system of Y81 hydraulic scrap metal baler

1. The harm of high oil temperature to hydraulic metal baler's working system. High oil temperature will accelerate the aging or deterioration of rubber seals and hoses in the hydraulic metal baler's working system, affect their service life, even lose their sealing performance, and make the hydraulic system leak seriously. Especially for the hydraulic servo system, affect the stability of its work, reduce the work accuracy; working environment temperature is relatively high often in the high temperature normal, easy to cause lubricating oil oxidation deterioration, viscosity decline, loss of lubrication function.
For this purpose, the hydraulic oil temperature of the Y81 hydraulic scrap metal baler is regularly detected, and it is found that the actual working temperature is generally 55~60 ℃. In order to investigate the demulsification performance of hydraulic oil under the condition of over temperature in actual work. The results show that when the temperature is 55~60 ℃, the demulsification time is 15 min, indicating that the temperature has a slight deviation in the process control range but does not affect the demulsification performance of hydraulic oil
2. The influence of low temperature on hydraulic system. In the northeast winter, the indoor temperature is lower, especially when the baler is intermittent operation of equipment, when discontinued. The temperature may be too low, the fluidity of hydraulic oil will become sticky or even agglomerate, and the efficiency of the whole hydraulic system will decline; at the same time because the temperature is too low, due to the effect of thermal expansion and contraction and rubber hardening in cold, sealing ring, pump, valve efficiency will decline, will also affect the use of hydraulic metal baler's working system to a certain extent.
3. For customers in different regions, we have corresponding heating and cooling devices to protect the Y81 hydraulic scrap metal baler.

Post time: Nov-09-2021