Summarize the working process and precautions of the metal chip cake machine

Metal shavings are a kind of waste generated after the processing of metal products or parts. It is the raw material for the production of high-quality steel. However, it needs to be cold-pressed by a metal shavings cake machine. Because many people do not know the working process of the equipment, the operation and use process There will be various faults and problems in the process. Below we will lead you to understand: the working process and precautions of the metal chip cake machine.
1. Equipment workflow
The process of pressing metal chips into cakes is a process of direct cold pressing and extrusion. During the extrusion process, there is no need to heat or add a binder. It is necessary to select the necessary supporting equipment according to the size and shape of the metal scraps. If the metal scraps are particles of relatively uniform size, the metal scraps can be directly fed into the hopper of the metal scrap cake machine through the conveyor, and the metal scraps are evened through the feeding mechanism It fills the mold and presses it into a high-density cake block by a forming cylinder, and then the cake block is demolded by the demolding cylinder and pushed out of the equipment.
If the metal shavings are long or large, it is necessary to pass the crusher to crush the metal shavings into particle-sized particles, and then press them into a shape according to the above steps. Since metal scraps are relatively thrown away, it is easy to distribute unevenly or block the mold during the distribution process. We can install a forced-feed screw conveyor device on the metal scrap cake machine, which can greatly improve the performance and quality of the equipment.
2. Precautions for equipment work
1. Metal shavings of various materials and grades should be pressed separately. They cannot be mixed together and stirred. This will not only improve the quality of the formed cakes, but also increase the service life of the equipment;
2. Metal shavings should be cleaned before pressing, especially sand, veils, etc. should not be mixed in the metal shavings;
3. In the case of metal scraps containing oil, the waste oil should be filtered and removed to avoid affecting the quality of the formed cake;
4. Different pressures should be selected for the metal chip cake machine to suppress metal chips with different impurities. When adjusting the pressure, it should be adjusted according to the requirements of the manufacturer, and cannot be adjusted at will;
5. During the working process of the metal crumb cake machine, attention should be paid at any time. Whether the equipment has oil leakage or unstable pressure, it should be overhauled in time to avoid the expansion of the fault.
Before purchasing or producing, you should be proficient in understanding and mastering the working process and precautions of the metal chipping machine. While operating the equipment correctly, you must always pay attention to the operation of the equipment. There must be a timely handling mechanism for many abnormal situations.

Post time: Mar-09-2021