Importance of maintaining hydraulic metal packer

Maintaining the hydraulic system of the hydraulic metal baler is one of the important measures to reduce the equipment input and operation cost of the processing points where each kind of material is reused. Do a good job of iron chip press hydraulic system maintenance is also one of the important links to reduce the cost of equipment.However, due to the maintenance concept, technology and other reasons, it is difficult to maintain the hydraulic cylinder of domestic scrap iron press to achieve satisfactory quality and service life.The input-output ratio between hydraulic cylinder servicing and purchasing a new cylinder is a choice that confuses the recycling and processing points of household materials.Therefore, the maintenance of the scrap press can reduce maintenance costs and improve operating efficiency.Achieve the maximum benefit of the¬†waste press.The equipment is all kinds of waste metal cans, paint bucket, waste light metal, paint bucket, color tile, coal ball, motorcycle frame, bicycle frame, waste home appliances, car shell, car plate, keel, shutter, waste thickening scrap metal coal ball, such as Angle iron.Suhe metal press machine equipment presses the material of the block to reduce the transportation cost and improve the production speed of scrap iron.Due to the ease of operation of the metal press, it is accepted by large and small units and individuals.The maintenance of metal press is mainly the maintenance of bearings.Many customers do not know how to clean and maintain the bearing of the metal press.It’s a mechanical maintenance problem.When the pressure roller is used to maintain the bearing of the metal press machine, the pressure roller should be opened and the bearing should be removed first, and the oil sludge on the bearing should be cleaned with clean or kerosene.The bearing should be reinstalled on the pressure roll and evenly coated with high temperature grease before the bearing cover is installed.The metal press adopts advanced hydraulic transmission technology, wear-resistant oil seal, and the oil cylinder is processed and assembled by domestic high-tech technology to ensure continuous operation without reducing the pressure of the oil cylinder.It is durable, smooth operation;Computer control, high degree of automation, low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc.The hydraulic system of metal press adopts frame structure.The oil pump is placed at the bottom of the tank to extract the hydraulic oil directly from the hydraulic tank and quickly supply the hydraulic oil to the hydraulic valve stack system to ensure that the hydraulic cylinder is quickly pushed into the piston motion.For the inner lining of the compression chamber, we chose the wear-resistant version as the inner lining.Integral wear-resistant lining avoids frequent replacement.We have installed an X-ray sensor switch in the hopper.When the material reaches the induction position, the equipment will operate automatically without waiting for operation.

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Post time: Mar-09-2021