Hydraulic scrap metal balers machine fault and troubleshooting

The hydraulic scrap metal baler's breakdown and the maintenance plan determination process. Analyze the possible causes of the fault based on the fault symptom and eliminate the causes one by one until the final cause of the fault is found. It can be verified by commissioning to ensure that the troubleshooting is in place, so that there is no mistake, combined with the fault phenomenon and troubleshooting method

And can be verified by test run, to ensure that the fault is eliminated in place, so as to make sure, combined with the fault phenomenon and troubleshooting method analysis is as follows:

(1) the main indenter, side indenter and door cover crawl in operation. The reason is that there is air in the cylinder system, which is eliminated by several working cycles.

(2) No action Or movement without pressure. Cause overflow valve core is jammed and all kinds of valve mouth sealing tightness or part of the handle leads to poor, usually can use detergent to clean, remove oil inside and choke point, some may be distorted due to the wear and tear or spring of valve core, long-term under the influence of working pressure seal damage is one of the reasons.

(3) Hydraulic scrap metal baler’s flipping board and the bottom plate are misplaced or the return journey is not in place. Cause there is iron filings or garbage under the bottom plate, remove the iron filings and garbage.

(4) The lock head of the cover plate is not locked properly, resulting in falling off during work. Failure analysis The main reason for the lock head falling off is that there is a foreign body under the limit plate of the cover plate or there are iron scraps and other sundries in the box lock space, which leads to the lock head can not be locked easily falling off. In general, the sundries can be removed to solve.

(5) The operating noise of the oil pump is obvious. Failure analysis work pump running noise apparent reason may work comes from the air into the components of the oil pump is more lead to oil pump has a bubble in pipeline, and part of the influence of impurities to mesh partial blockage or clearance flow not free, and even some serious noise in plunger fracture is due to work too hard, part of the bearing pieces retained in the pipe line of work, The working pressure of the oil pump increases the operating noise, which must be disassembled, cleaned and replaced with the filter screen, or replaced with parts to solve the problem.

(6) Oil seepage of hydraulic working system. The oil seepage of hydraulic working system is mainly caused by the aging of some seals due to long-term exposure to air, and the aging of some seals will rupture, loose or even fall off. The pressure oil leakage through cracks in the working process, if not handled in time, it will affect the stable operation and safety of the system, which can not be ignored. Generally, the sealing ring can be replaced and installed to solve the problem, and the pipeline at the link can be properly tightened.

(7) Hydraulic work pipeline unstable vibration up and down. Failure analysis Hydraulic working pipeline unstable up and down vibration is generally the hydraulic working pipeline fasteners are not tightened, can be tightened with bolts or two-way bolts, there are also part of the fastening chuck loose or insufficient clamping force, can replace or adjust the tightness of the chuck.

Post time: Jul-22-2021